Evacuate Fukushima 福島の子供を守れ

Via Scoop.it地球のつながり方 Tikyu Tunagari

Welcome aboard everyone … and hope you are in for a good fight, for the sake of the innocent children of Fukushima and japan. We are dedicated to raise awareness within the foreign community in Japan, the International press, Embassies etc… to put pressure on the Japanese government to act swiftly to remove citizens from Fukushima to a safer environment and to get children and parents out of this despicable danger that they are being put through. Getting kids out of there one by one How do we make that happen ? * Putting non stop pressure on TEPCO, the local authorities and all the mad scientists i.e “Damashita” by constantly creating big rallies in front of all headquarters of the guilty parties.
* Rallying in front of all foreign embassies in Tokyo and Japan, in a coordinated, passive but yet determined fashion.
* Sending i.e sending emails and our video petition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip4aMIXHd5s 
* Raising awareness internationally by spreading relentlessly the truth to the International media, influential Political figures, Celebrities and who ever has forgotten that parents and kids all over Japan, specially Fukushima and its neighboring prefectures are in grave danger. Making them aware THEY could also be next.
* By gathering all smaller petitions and unifying forces with dedicated organizations around the world to create a major force the nuclear mafia may not be able to ignore.
* Never give up, whatever the culprits can come up with.
* By promoting around you our actions and never feel ashamed to speak on behalf of our cause. Stand up straight. We are not fear mongers nor fatalists. We are not “flyjins” or “stayjins” . Today, we are all Japanese and we will fight as so!
* By sending accurate information to locals in the most affected areas in Fukushima and as far as 100km.
*Creating a strong relationship with Fukushima parents’ associations and directing them via our group or other associations to safer grounds.
* Gathering as many allies as possible ! On this site, we provide all the most important inforamtion that will allow us to carry our goals to success. Please share your knowledge and advises. Thank you all for your support. So, if you think that at least one of these actions above can result in taking at least ONE kid out of there, then you have chosen the right place. There will be no human collateral nor some weird radiation experiment in the great nation of Japan. No time to Pray for Japan any longer … just Fight for Japan. Note; We are not an anti nuke movement, we are just pro everything else ! Now let’s get to work , shall we … Nelson 
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