ABC Becomes The First Aussie Broadcaster To Donate Footage To Wikipedia And Wikimedia Commons

Via Scoop.it地球のつながり方 震災・原子力事故

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the Antipodean public service broadcasting equivalent of the BBC, is marking its 80th anniversary by launching a new website called 80 Days That Changed Our Lives – .

Reflecting on 8 decades of newsworthy and notable events.


The site offers 80 segments of audiovisual content from its archives. However, the ABC is also simultaneously releasing some of these reports to Wikimedia under a Creative Commons license.


This release of these assets is a first for Australia, and for Wikimedia, as it’s “the first collection of broadcast ‘packaged’ footage released to Wikimedia Commons under a free license.”


Indeed, no other Australian broadcaster, commercial or public, has donated video footage directly to the Wikimedia Foundation, and you can see here where it’s already being used within Wikipedia articles – .


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